From polio poster child
to charismatic activist,
the inspiring life of Wendy Wolf

Wendy Wolf entered an iron lung at the age of four and emerged a polio survivor whose life illustrates the challenges of opportunity and acceptance people with disabilities face and the triumphs and successes this extraordinary woman achieved. Though she came close to death, she survived the iron lung and 7 subsequent surgeries, ultimately suffering almost total loss of use of all four limbs. She went on to earn 3 degrees, improve the lives of hundreds of children through her services as a Speech Therapist in New York and Mexico and Arizona, found the first Independent Living Center in Arizona, found a unique introductory service for people with disabilities, raise two foreign born special needs children largely as a single parent, advocate for many issues to improve the lives of people with disabilities, and become Ms. Wheelchair Arizona 2006 and, at the Ms. Wheelchair America 2007 Pageant, win the Nicki Arde award for her lifelong history of advocacy.

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(4 out of 5 stars) Reaching for the stars, By R. Wallace, March 19, 2013
Author William Karl Thomas pulls no punches describing the often bleak reality of serious illness. In the process, Wendy Wolf's life demonstrates two important lessons:
- When we need it most, help can originate from an astonishing array of unexpected sources. Surprisingly, many of those sources are NOT the traditional ones such as "family" we often think of first.
- With perseverance and strength of character, we can reach for the stars and achieve results far beyond whatever limits we imagine we face.
This is an important biography about a woman who faces adversity and turns it aside with grace and dignity - a singular role model for anyone with complex medical challenges to overcome.

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