A novel by William Karl Thomas

The story of three women who surived The Korean War and their intimate relationship with an American GI. Having survived the horrors of massacres, rape, and flight from the enemy, in the postwar period they faced destitution, starvation, and, ultimately, prostitution. The young GI faces his own demons, from his failed marriage to his unfaithful stateside wife, to his contentious relationship with his military boss who perceives his "fraternization" with Koreans as unhealthy and unpatriotic. The relationship that ensues between the GI and the youngest of the women is their refuge from all the challenges that beset them.

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While this is an achingly sorrowful tale filled with gritty depictions of human degradation and fear, it doesn't gratuitously batter the reader with hopelessness. In fact, through all the austerity, glimmers of real love shine through. The author's experience in Korea shines through as well, particularly in his historically astute depiction of the country and era. He aptly conveys the heights and depths of human capability. An emotionally challenging but rewarding war novel.

(5 out of 5 stars)One of the best books I have ever read; maybe the best>
By Arnold Chapman, October 18, 2013
My review could never do justice to this book. This book is so good I almost called in sick to work in order to continue reading it. As a former soldier who spent 2 years in Korea, this book was spot-on and superbly written.
(5 out of 5 stars) A great read
By William Eades, January 24, 2013
This story will make you sad and happy at the same time. It is difficult to put the book down and there is certainly no boring parts of the story. Since I lived in Korea in the late seventies I could certainly relate to parts of the story. This is one of those books that you would read more than once since it is so interesting.

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