Media Maestro's logo was Copyrighted in 1989 and it has since evolved, as the industry and technology changed, from providing consulting and creative services for print, film, and electronic media clients into a small book publisher and small film/video/internet producer. As a small publisher, Media Maestro provides print books, E-edition books, audio books, and videos which are marketed through this site and other online vendors such as and Our book list is small and concentrates on socially significant and historically accurate fiction and non-fiction. We encourage educational institutions and libraries to consider our book list for materials covering modern American history such as the Great Depression, World War II, the Korean War, the civil rights era of the 1960's, and the First Amendment crusades of the 1960's. Of entertainment, as well as social, value are works related to Hollywood and other entertainment fields. We invite your queries regarding any of our publications or services via email at Media Maestro


Media Maestro is equipped to produce film in 35mm, regular 16mm, super 16mm, regular 8mm (for your archival needs), and super 8mm formats. Media Maestro also produces analog and digital video, audio recordings, CD's, DVD's, and can deliver digital materials online. We have extensive experience providing feature location/pickup MOS work in Academy 35mm, Super 35mm, and Super 16mm formats. We are equipped with Arri and Eyemo 35mm equipment: with Arri, Auricon, Filmo, and Bolex 16mm equipment; with time lapse, super wide, and long telephoto equipment; and with Panasonic analog and Nikon digital video equipment. Media Maestro has produced script-to-screen 16mm/super8mm/video industrial and educational films. Media Maestro has its own editing facilities, but does not maintain studio facillities, instead working with all established studio facililties in Tucson and Phoenix. Check out our still photo gallery, until our sample reel becomes available.

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