biography of Frank Ray Perili
by William Karl Thomas

The Candy Butcher is an old fashioned term for the guy with a basket full of candy, fruits, magazines, and newspapers he sells walking through your train to make your journey more enjoyable. Frank Ray Perilli's first job was as a Candy Butcher, and his show biz career began in his teens as a nightclub comedian and film actor, and continued through Hollywood as a screenwriter and film producer. Almost all of his offbeat Felliniesque films cross the threshold of bizarre and are richly flavored with comedy: The Doberman Gang, Little Cigars, The Other Cinderella, Adult Fairy Tales, Dracula's Dog, The End of the World, Laserblast, Alligator, Invasion of the Star Creatures, but to name a few. Even his more serious films, such as Harlow, and his plays, such as Stompin' at he Oval Office, touch upon aspects of history uncharted by others. From a childhood in the mafia dominated ghettos of Chicago, to television and motion picture success, Frank Ray Perilli's weird offbeat perspective enriches our journey through life with the sweetness of comedy and the challenge of thinking outside the box.

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