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Media Maestro's book list started in 1989, but most of the current list were released in the last few years. Our authors are listed alphabetically in the left hand menu, their names are hot links to their biographies. Their works are listed alphabetically under their names, their book titles being hot links to separate pages for each book, each page offering descriptions, reviews, links to excerpts, and purchase venues for the book.

While our book list may appear eclectic, both fiction and non-fiction attempts to focus on socially significant accurate American history of the twentieth century which points up social and political mistakes of the past that, in some cases, appear to be repeated in the present. We hope these works are of interest to educators and activists in the social and political arenas.

As the professional and reader book reviews indicate, being accurate and informative does not keep these books from being entertaining page turners. Click on the excerpts of any that interest you to judge for yourself, and feel free to email any questions or comments to us at Media Maestro. All books are available online in softcover and e-editions, or from your local bookseller via their ISBN numbers. For hardcover and for autographed copies, click on Media Maestro Book Order Page.

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