An anthology of twelve short stories
by William Karl Thomas

William Karl Thomas was Lenny Bruce's only writing collaborator, so it's not surprising that many of his works walk on the wild side. His careers as a screenwriter, cinematographer, photo journalist, and nightclub pianist covered the 1950's and 1960's of Hollywood's 'Golden Era,' and brought him in contact with 'A' list celebrities and the armies of 'little people' who served them. This anthology reveals the intimate relationship between the two set against a historically accurate 1950's-1960's background. Critics describe his work in terms such as "he superbly evokes the seedy atmosphere of the cheap Hollywood clubs and coffeehouses" and "his work sometimes reads like a Bogart script." If you love Hollywood, and particularly its down and dirty side, you've gotta love the torrid twisted "Hollywood Tales From The Outer Fringe."

Read the following excerpt from this book.

(5 out of 5 stars) Superb collection of Short Stories!
By Marco, April 18, 2014
As a boy, I spent summers in Hollywood, Ca. with my Father around the colorful characters that William Karl Thomas describes in this excellent collection of short stories. This author has that special talent of telling a story on several levels. While so many of the players were struggling to be part of show business and worrying about rent, food, getting work etc., they possessed a happiness that is not always guaranteed with fame and fortune. Karl Has that knack for having these people interact with the rich and famous that only one who was actually there at the time can describe. I was sorry to see this book end, as one story was as good if not better than the next. Book brought back so many fond memories of my adolescence in a place so unique during that era. The first thing one learns in writing classes is "Write about something you know!" And it is obvious that Karl has not deviated from this rule. The stories are both meaningful and fun. I am a William Karl Thomas fan.

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